What is the RAPID concept?

With the intention of designing pharmaceutical products that offer increasingly effective and fast solutions, we have focused our efforts on the galenic development of a formulation that optimizes the unbundling and release effect of the assets that make up the products. Thanks to advances in manufacturing technology, and through dissolution tests, we achieved very positive results with the final products.

All products RAPID are presented in fast-dissolving tablets, having the ability to rapidly dissolve and disintegrate (disaggregate) in the stomach just after oral intake.

Dissolution is the first physical process that occurs in a tablet after getting into contact with body fluids or water, and this rapid process have a great influence in decreasing the time of release of the active principles and the onset of action of the same. The tablets RAPID have a dissolution time of less than 1 min.


The tablets RAPID have an advanced coating process made with disintegrating ingredients that accelerate the release of the active ingredients, thus allowing a faster onset of action.

  • Once in the stomach, the tablets RAPID  interact with the gastric fluids disintegrating immediately, and from this moment there is a rapid dissolution of the active ingredients, which allows rapid absorption and the immediate start of the action of the product.


        • Rapid disintegration and dissolution in the stomach, rapid absorption and an immediate effect (less than 1 min) to help in the relief of symptoms.
        •  RAPID tablets can be taken by dissolving in a glass of water, which is ideal for people with difficulty swallowing solid presentations.